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Aliya Hallim-Byne
Founder & CEO


Alina Wilczynski
Wonder Women In Action! Interview Series
Media Director
What is Wonder Women?
Wonder Women is an organization committed to empowering women to lead, to contribute and to impact society.


A resident of New York City, Aliya’s passion, commitment and excitement for making a contribution to women’s lives through the creation of Wonder Women is tangible and undeniable. This petite powerhouse has been dedicating 100% of her work life to building the Wonder Women Organization since its inception in the winter of 2010.

Expanding upon her more than 15 years of financial services experience in the corporate world, she has also advised entrepreneurs, small businesses and artists in their marketing and communications efforts.

In 2009 she co-produced a high-end book that profiled 40 culinary legends such as Anita Lo, Nobu Matsuhisa, Jean Georges and April Bloomfield. She served as Director of Development US-Division for Maya Press, a custom publishing company based in Paris. And a personal writing project is also in the works, titled Glass Ceilings, Doors and Other Obstructions.

Prior to the launch of Wonder Women in 2011 Aliya’s experience working with organizations spanned the years 1997 through late 2012. She volunteered her time and energies as well as held chairwoman positions within various organizations such as Women’s Federation for World Peace, Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce and Out Professionals. She was featured on the cover of GO Magazine a national publication in November 2009 as one of the many amazing women guiding America’s non-profit organizations.

On a personal note, with the strength and courage beyond her physical size, Aliya saved both herself and her daughter from a marital situation of increasing physical, verbal and emotional abuse that she kept secret from her family, friends, and co-workers at the time. And as a survivor of domestic violence and other abuse, Aliya is fueled in her desire to empower others to overcome limiting and damaging personal and societal circumstances through Wonder Women.

The idea for Wonder Women emerged from the very fiber of my being, culled from my life and work experiences, both positive and negative. I am self-assured in my deep-seated knowingness of the immense potential women have when fully expressed and fully realized.

I know that this creation is symbolic of a vision that I am not alone in holding – one of vibrant and fearless women and girls in every part of the world who know and love themselves deeply and who share their loving nature with others. They demonstrate compassion, are creative, thoughtful, clear, open and self empowered. They nurture and move themselves forward and upward in their level of consciousness and invite others around the world to join them.

I will strive to do my best every day to bring forth the strength, conviction and ideals of Wonder Women from within myself into the world, to do the work that is required of me and to connect with other women who are making a difference in their own way. 

It is my hope, with all my heart, that those of you who are in the position to assist these efforts will come forward. I invite you to reach out to me personally. 

You can contact me here. 


Alina calls a modest bungalow overlooking the Long Island Sound her adopted home. During Wonder Women’s upstart, she brought Aliya’s vision for the logo to life. Now, as the organization enters its next phase of accelerated development, Alina sees her expanded role as an incredible opportunity to match her 15 years of multi-media experience with her deepest desire to celebrate women all over the world as the powerful, gifted and giving spirits that we are…by design. 

Inspired by the promise of worlds of adventure, both real and imagined, Wilczynski proudly announced to her Kindergarten classmates that she wanted to be a librarian when she grew up. No popularity contest won in the declaration, nor a librarian career path ultimately sought, she knew early on, however, that she was meant to be a guide and interpreter of sorts.

She has since Sharpied nametags with Creative Director, Senior Editorial Art Director, Web Designer, Board Member and Events Director, Photographer, Videographer, Fine Artist, Writer, and Dreamer. Wilczynski launched her career as co-founder of Jupiter Design Group, Inc., an award-winning boutique firm.

She co-founded OP.LYNX, The Women’s Network of Out Professionals, where she organized events featuring women entrepreneurs and executives, noted filmmakers and playwrights, artists and athletes. And the highlight of her tenure as inaugural Marketing Chair of the LGBT Committee of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce was as creator/producer of “Women on a Mission: Mavericks & Mavens in a Mastermind Session on Leadership,” a highly-anticipated event featuring women leaders in government, private & public sectors, small business and non-profits in spirited discussion.

I have always believed that when women step into their own power – their own prowess if you will – magic and far-reaching change happen. We have many pioneering women to look to as examples, yet far too few historians have recounted their legacies and the profound contributions they have made. The common thread for most of them is this, however… they have been able to tune out the radio frequency of the status quo. They have pursued their interests and passions with unyielding curiosity and focus, unflinching integrity of craft and intention and the ability to do so without regard for the context of the hard-coded gender-biased traditions, the antiquated regulations and the darkest ignorance of their eras, cultural confines and locations. In doing so, they have opened doors of opportunity, unity and progression for countless others, their harshest detractors included. We would love nothing more than to systematically uncover and celebrate all things Wonder Women. We will know our work is complete when all Wonder Men see their counterparts as their equals and as equally capable in all realms… and vice versa. 

It is my hope, with all my heart, that those of you who are in the position to assist these efforts will come forward. I invite you to reach out to me personally.


We believe that each and every individual has the capability to excel and succeed at anything they truly desire for themselves and for the benefit of others. A Wonder Woman understands that adversity and failure can be gateways to heightened perspective, insight and intuition.

A Wonder Woman treats ALL people with love and respect. She believes in human rights, equality and justice. She chooses her friends wisely and confronts her detractors with compassion. She knows that having a positive attitude about her body, mind and spirit is crucial to her happiness.

She is open to learning, sharing, engaging and contributing, and she knows that each and every positive action will produce a flow and abundance to her, to her community and to society as a whole.



Wonder Women’s mission is to raise awareness and provide women with opportunities for professional, personal, and community development. We connect, enlighten, empower, and celebrate women through events, programs, collaboration and fundraising activities. We focus on what unites us as women, not what separates us.


Wonder Women’s vision is to inspire all women around the world by fostering a greater understanding of the issues that challenge and unite us. We bring value to each other and mentor the next generation of women leaders, thereby affecting the lives of the men and children in our community, and unifying diversity.


We are a for profit


We would like to lead the way in challenging the status quo of what for-profit entities should look like and what non-profit organizations must conform to. Within our first year of forming Wonder Women as a non-profit, came the stark realization that the very idea of an organization called Wonder Women being associated with the words “non-profit” is not at all empowering…. CONTINUE READING

Ways to get


We would like to begin by thanking all the incredible women who have volunteered their time and talent. Everything is possible when we come together and when we find joy in our work. Many of us who have enjoyed volunteering, know that there is a great feeling that you get from contributing and giving of yourself. You get twice the satisfaction from doing it… CONTINUE READING


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