The focus of these initiatives is to recognize our own power and  capability to lead a life with a greater understanding, openness, respect and acceptance of each other. And to demonstrate a zero tolerance for discrimination. On the outside we may indeed look, act and communicate in very different ways. This is what makes our planet so wonderful.

By staying within specific groups only we are doing ourselves a great injustice which we then pass on to the next generation. We cut ourselves of from the opportunity to learn and to grow and we deepen and widen a “world-pool” of misunderstanding, disrespect, fear, indifference and violence.

Wonder Women chooses to celebrate what we share in common as human beings rather than focus on what separates us. We hope you will join us in these initiatives as they launch.

Pride Celebrations

2010 – 2014

Friday, June 6th 2014, brought to a conclusion a 4-year series of annual events that were celebratory in nature. The main focus was to give voice to LGBTQ issues by bringing together community organizations, allies and the larger community whose key connectors brought with them various collateral to distribute.

The events were all held at the beautiful and spectacular Rubin Museum in New York City. Attendees enjoyed a private tour of the current exhibits with a special focus on “Femininity & Form.” The Rubin Museum mixologist created Wonder Women-themed cocktails.

Each event took us to a 2nd segment of the evening where we held an after-party with live performances delicious appetizers, raffles, and music to dance the night away to!

The FUSION event is an annual fundraising event hosted by the NYC Anti-Violence Project, an organization dedicated to the safety and well-being of the LGBTQ community. Wonder Women intends to focus our continued efforts on strengthening a supportive relationship with AVP. Scroll down to learn more about the Anti-Violence Project.

If you have an idea for a program series  that you would like us to consider (non-LGBTQ specific) and you have the key relationships that would allow this to be established kindly contact us to discuss further via our Communications Hub


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