Wonder Women In Action

Empowered Networking & Interview Program

Wonder Women in Action! Is an event and interview style program series created to foster a live marketplace  with a high level of interaction among participants. The evening is designed to engage diverse gatherings of women from every social, professional, arts and cultural background to share their stories, resources and to showcase services and products to other women.

We interview a REAL LIFE Wonder Woman on a topic that is universal to a majority of women world-wide. It is our hope that those in attendance can all connect to and learn from the conversation that follows.

Audience Member Spotlight is an integral part of our evening and provides a unique and exciting opportunity for our audience members to be in the Spotlight. One or two women are chosen at random and prompted to introduce themselves and share what they are presently working on in their education or career paths. They can also make a statement about what inspires them, or perhaps mention a special offer or make a special offering to the live audience regarding an upcoming event they are hosting.

The program is filmed, published online and shared openly with our community via all our social media platforms.

Below is a list of topics discussed to-date:


“Resolution Revolution”
With the Wall Street Coach Kim Ann Curtin


“Being Fearless”
With Actress, Voice Over Artist, Fitness Professional Traci Godfrey


“Overcoming Obstacles”
With Entrepreneur Natalie Molina Niño


“Making it happen with PASSION!”
With Actress & Singer Kirsten Holly Smith


“Re-writing your future by STARTING OVER!”
With Maria Gamb Founder & CEO NMS Communications


“Justice Seekers”
With Executive Director Anti-Violence Project Sharon Stapel


“Breaking Gender Stereotypes”
With Sculptor, Artist, Activist, Lecturer Linda Stein


“Find your Voice, Speak your Truth”
With “Orange is the New Black” Actress Barbara Rosenblat (Miss Rosa) also recognized as one of the most respected and popular narrators of Audiobooks in the country


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