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Wonder Women’s SPOTLIGHT is an online membership platform with an information rich members-only area chock full of valuable tools, resources and more with Super-Powered Custom Profiles that you would love sharing!

Our platform is created exclusively to shine the light on Real-Life Wonder Women. Members build valuable connections, enhance business and professional opportunities and are motivated by each others success.

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 SPOTLIGHT MEMBER Barbara Rosenblat aka Miss Rosa in “Orange is the New Black”
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Nicole Conn
Award-Winning Filmmaker
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Sionna Benjamin
Fine Artist of many International Accolades & Educator
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Janet G
Senior Online Editor
CBS Television Distribution
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OUTmusic, Inc.

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Fine Art Painter

Aspiring Actress, Singer

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Multi-disciplinary Performer

Poet, Composer & Mystic

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Expert Colorist & Educator

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A quote that our SPOTLIGHT Painter/Illustrator Zofia B.

lives by…


“I try never to be stopped by my fears, because I’ll tell you what – I’m always scared.”


Maya Gabeira, professional big wave surfer.




one cylinder in the power engine that drives our Mission + Vision. And the fuel that sustains our future is derived from one of four options available to participants. Much more than this, SPOTLIGHT has the potential to be a catalyst for social change.

The Wonder Women organization holds a very clear vision of what’s possible in the world when women feel empowered in all aspects of their lives, from their homes and neighborhoods to their schools, workplaces and local governments.

Take a moment to imagine the following … a woman feels held back, limited, unappreciated and discouraged… she is brought into the fold of a Wonder Women community. She realizes that she is not alone and that many of these Wonder Women not only understand her situation, but once have lived it.

She begins to experience an awakening. She feels inspired and motivated by their shared stories to break through her barriers and limitations to be who she was meant to be. She feels a sense of freedom and knows that her life can now be one that she envisions.

Now imagine this … a man you know — or maybe you are that man — who believes in gender equality and is not threatened by a woman who walks in her own power. But he sees gender discrimination happening all around him at work, reflected in the media and even among some of his male friends. He recognizes a new opportunity through our Wonder Women community to make a singular difference in the life of a woman he knows and he takes it.

We envision SPOTLIGHT as a place for people just like you who believe that the scenarios like the ones above are not only possible — but necessary.



We began developing Phase 1 of the SPOTLIGHT platform with the end goal of launching an online environment that will spotlight the efforts of our members, sharing insights, ideas and encouraging meaningful and respectful engagement. We would collectively show support for other women who are also pursuing their dreams utilizing the offerings of the SPOTLIGHT platform.We quietly invited a group of our key supporters representing a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, professions, life experiences and personalities to help build Phase 1 of WONDER WOMEN’S SPOTLIGHT


We began utilizing the feedback we received to further develop the platform design. We conducted our own research and tested new web technologies to ensure SPOTLIGHT’S scalability for future growth and development. We are committed to offering a customized membership platform that is user friendly, dynamic and fun, and at the same time more secure and clutter free. 


We are offering our website visitors a chance to win FREE LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP before our official launch at the end of phase 3. If empowering women by shining a light on your best attributes interests you, we want to hear from you! By helping us jumpstart the SPOTLIGHT platform pre-release, you will not only be getting visibility for your company, product or project for zero money, we may approach you with other opportunities that promote your efforts. Just subscribe to our maling list to be randomly selected to win you will membership for life! But act NOW this offer will be removed each time we reach a periodic treshold and without warning before appearing again.


As a SPOTLIGHT Member, you are making a strong statement about your support for women’s equality. Consider which of the following speaks to you…

1) I AM A WONDER WOMAN because I am…

Your own beautiful, fully customizable profile page used to describe you, inspire other women in their own journey, and used as a show of support for Wonder Women’s community building efforts. You will find that SPOTLIGHT is an empowered way to communicate, network, share information, and build the kind of relationships you value most.

2) I would like to PAY IT FORWARD by honoring the Wonder Women in my life…

This SPOTLIGHT membership GIFT is one that anyone can give to a woman. It is also a great opportunity for Supermen to honor the Wonder Women they most admire and to which they would like to express their gratitude. We have a special way we intend to introduce these Supermen!


This is for progressive-minded businesses leading the way towards gender equality by honoring female employees on their team or leaders at the helm. They may also choose to honor a female leader of an internal affinity group, a client or a non-profit they sponsor or support.


 You love the Wonder Women Organization and everything it stands for. You want to be more involved and more engaged with us… to join our footprint. You wish to apply your energy, enthusiasm, talents and capabilities to a shared vision… one where we are able to make a difference in this world, together as Wonder Women. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you.

Many more details will be revealed very soon. Join our mailing list to be the first to know when WONDER WOMEN’S SPOTLIGHT launches.



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