For business entities that are aligned with our Mission & Vision and that are — or strive to be — leaders in their industries, we have created some unique opportunities through our very own proprietary programs that we hope you will agree are fresh, new, bold, empowering and different.

We are confident that these integrated programs will not only be great for promoting your business and increasing awareness about what makes your company unique, but we have crafted all of our ideas to specifically help you improve your employee relations and demonstrate positive ways to establish your company and your staff as progressive-minded leaders. No boring, intrusive and ineffective banner ads here. Curious?


For individuals, there are several ways to volunteer, to contribute, to get the word out and even to earn an income, all of which you can read more below. Know that as an integral part of everything we are working on, we are always looking for ways for others to participate. In doing so, we look for ways to highlight your efforts way beyond the typical text credit and to encourage and promote your personal expression, growth and success. And you will be the first to know when we are financially ready to hire freelancers and full-time staff, having been a great part of making that possible.


Many talented and inspiring women have volunteered their time and their talent to Wonder Women over the years.

Everything is possible when we come together, unite and find joy in work. Many of us who have spent a majority of our professional lives also volunteering for organizations, know there is truly a great feeling that you get from contributing and giving of yourself to something other than your needs and getting twice the satisfaction from doing it. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving…

We love attracting women and men who not only love the concept of Wonder Women but who would find great satisfaction from helping to build this community of empowered women united with enlightened men.


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